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You are viewing an archived page that was created for the original Post the Finances website in 2002/2003, when Mr. Mozena was campaigning to get the initiative on the ballot. Please do not use this page for any submission.

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We're sending you this message because <Sender> thought you'd be interested in Postthefinances.com. Post the Finances is a California ballot initiative. It calls for all departments and agencies of the State of California to daily post all their finances to their respective Web sites. If enough signatures are collected, the initiative will be on the ballot in November, 2004.

The citizens of California expect and deserve financial accountability from their State Government. The advent of the Internet, as well as the use of electronic accounting and record-keeping software, provide California citizens with an unprecedented opportunity to demand daily accountability from their Government officials. 

This initiative is directly in line with Governor Schwarzenegger's stated desire for more open government. He has promised to audit the state's books. Post the Finances goes further than this. It will be like a daily, on-demand people's audit of their government. 

The posting of all of the State's finances to the Web will help to thwart fiscal improprieties. It could help prevent a stew of corruption from bubbling away on the Government's back burners, away from public scrutiny. Taxpayers have an absolute legal right to these public records to see how much money is collected and the manner in which it is spent. 

The daily posting of ALL the California Government's finances will also help to control spending, trim fat, and even reduce taxes by keeping all the State's finances in plain view of the citizenry, thus creating fiscal honesty. 

The electronic "open books" check book register constructed by posting will provide taxpayers with easy methods to review the fiscal data. By posting this money-trail, an informed citizenry will be able to demand accountability. Given the poor state of the Californian economy, a $24 billion deficit, and evidence of government financial mismanagement, now more than ever we need citizen oversight of what our officials do with taxpayers' money. 

We also need your financial support. Please contribute.

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Truly, we need the green to help this grass roots effort to take root. 

I have recently launched a "One Million Dollars by January One" campaign to raise the necessary funds. In order to ensure that I get the nearly 400,000 valid signatures, I must collect about 600,000. Hiring paid signature gatherers works out at about $1.00 to 2.00 per signature. 

Please click here to join the Post the Finances team, and view our Web site.

You can request petitions by mail, and download the petition for printing. 

Post the Finances
is an idea whose time has come, and we hope you'll join us in this historic push for a new way of doing things in the state of California. 

The Post the Finances Team


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If you would like to contribute to Post the Finances Click Here !
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