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You are viewing an archived page that was created for the original Post the Finances website in 2002/2003, when Mr. Mozena was campaigning to get the initiative on the ballot. Please do not use this page for any submission.

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This page makes available two options to enable you to add your name to the Post the Finances petition, officially known as the "State Revenue and Expenditures. Initiative Statute," and help bring fiscal honesty to the government of the State of California.

1. Sign petition

If you are a Resident of California and a Registered California Voter, and you would like to add your name to the Post the Finances petition, please click HERE. A representative from Post the Finances will contact you to make arrangements for you to sign the original paper petition.


Download Petition

2. Download petition

Download petition to your own computer by clicking HERE. Print the petition out, sign it and return it. This option will also give you an opportunity to gather an additional four signatures for the initiative.

Request Petition by Mail

3. Request petition by mail

Request petition by mail by Clicking HERE to request that a petition form be sent to you through the U.S. mail.

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