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Archived News

December 2003
Dec 13 Things happening behind the scenes

November 2003
Nov 29 Mozena Believes in Santa Claus.
Nov 16 Inauguration Special
Nov 16 Steve Mozena, Proponent of Statewide Ballot Initiative, Arrives in Sacramento to attend Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger's Inauguration
Nov 10 Mozenas to Attend Governor-elect Schwarzenegger's Inauguration. 
Nov 7 "Post the Finances" can now accept contributions online.

October 2003
Oct 6 The initiative has entered its 3rd phase
Oct 4 Initiative barrage puts state in bind
Oct 3 Post the Finances bumper stickers

September 2003
Sep 19 Fiscal impact study for "Post the Finances" prepared by a state legislative analyst and director of finance
Sep 19 Gambling the future of our children's education with California Lottery Money
Sep 19 Stopping Misuse of Government Credit Cards
Sep 16 Suggestions for Title and Summary of the Post the Finances Initiative #SA2003RF0034
Sep 14 At LA County Fair, Democratic Party Activists Get the Message
Sep 14 Amazing Response at Prayer Breakfast
Sep 13 Rep. Darrell Issa Offers Support to Post the Finances and National Advocate of Government Reform Carl DeMaio Enthuses about Post the Finances
Sep 12 Mozena Talks to Two Outstanding LA Leaders on KABC Radio
Sep 7 Proponent writes letter to Fiscal Analyst about Proposed Initiative
Sep 5 True-Life Hero
Sep 4 San Francisco radio talk show host likes the idea
Sep 3 Shhh! It's a secret.
Sep 2 Post the Finances like D.N.A for the Criminal Justice System

August 2003
Aug 13 The California Initiative Process Continues for Post the Finances
Aug 8 Software Suppliers gearing up

July 2003
Jul 23 Will a governmental insider give Mozena time on his show?
Jul 22 Southbay newspaper gives Mozena a voice
Jul 20 Will newsweek help California out of its fiscal crisis?
Jul 18 Political consultant endorses Mozena's vision
Jul 17 Equity in education with Post the Finances
Jul 17 CA State works diligently for final draft of initiative
Jul 17 Media still silent or gagged?
Jul 4 MIT Gets on board

June 2003
Jun 24 Radio talk show host says "GREAT IDEA!"
Jun 21 Actor Mike Farrell intrigued
Jun 19 The talk begins

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