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My Fellow Americans:
We are the verge of electing a new U.S. President, either Donald J. Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Please think wisely before you vote. Our great nation is at stake.
Given that, I'd like you to read this first before you make your decision.
Do you want to be in charge of your own destiny, trusting that with your hard work, you will become rich or richer? 

In fact, do you want help your current business to be richer or start a new business to become rich?
This is possible truly only in the United States, where the poorest of the poor can become the richest of rich.
Do you want to live the American Dream, the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative?
Donald Trump did it. His Dad did it.
Though not on the same scale, my Dad did it too with his medical supply and equipment company, and my Mom did it with her bed & breakfast, aptly named the Portland's White House because it looked like the real one. In fact, though my Mom passed on several years ago, her legacy and vision continue 30-plus years after she started it.
But, what about you?
Is it still possible for you or even your children to reach the American Dream?
Yes, but, in my humble opinion, we must elect billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump.
Why, just look at how the establishment has failed us, both Republicans and Democrats. 
Trump isn't part of the establishment, but Hillary is, and, sadly so the other candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, both of whom ran in 2012 and lost.
Why Trump?
Let me give you an example of my website here.
For 17 years, I have asked Republican and Democratic politicians at all levels of our government to show us how they spend our tax dollars daily on their websites, for fiscal honesty and accountability—if you will, a daily audit by every American citizen.
Not one blasted politician on either side has done it even though some politicians have played lip service to the idea.
Will Donald Trump do it? I believe he will.
Would you like know how the Department of Education or the E.P.A. is spending our money, for example?
Every government department, every agency and even every politician from members of Congress to local mayors and council will be compelled to show us how they spend our tax dollars—daily.
We sorely need our government to be honest.
The establishment on both sides of the fence have had 17 years to show more honesty and integrity but they haven't. Even Hillary Clinton sent me a letter in 2008 and paid lip service to my idea. She has had her chance --- 30 years but more like 46 years in the government. Nothing will change with her or the establishment.
They haven't listened to us! 
How do you think Hillary is going to unify the country when she hates half of us!
Time for a change.
Trump is not politically correct and knows how to get his point across with theatrics and humor.
We don't need another do nothing President who doesn't listen to the country. We need a leader who will unify us.
Trump has reached out to the Black community and the blue-collar community. He wants to bring us together.
Now, let's talk finances.
Trump's tax returns show he is smart.  
As a parent or responsible adult, do you really want to give your child or friend money, so they can waste it?
Of course not!
Given that, I'm glad Trump took full advantage of the tax code, and the Clintons have too.
Nevertheless, we need to see how government spends our money.
This is a unifying idea. Whether it's Average Joe or Average Jane, all average citizens believe the US government should be honest and accountable to us and show us how they spend our tax dollars daily.
It is like Lincoln’s signing of the law creating the national Thanksgiving holiday after Sarah Hale’s 17-year quest. He did so because he believed it would bring the country back together again after the bloody Civil War.
I believe Trump will sign the law to bring unity to our country again after my 17-year quest since 1999, creating a law that every government department, agency and politician must show the American citizens how they spend the tax dollars of Americans on their  department, agency or office website. This will create fiscal honesty and accountability and help to heal our nation, which has been torn between red and blue, and whites and blacks.
It's a time to heal our nation beginning with showing us all—every citizen— how the government spends our money!
We are a divided country. We are the divided states. Let's again become one nation—the United States.
As a quick side note, let's talk about two of my other ideas.
Start a Raffle-Lottery. It spreads the wealth. Whenever a state Lottery jackpot reaches a magic number, say, $25 million, each person’s ticket would become an entry in the raffle. At this point, the state’s Raffle-Lottery officials would no longer be picking six numbers. Rather, they would be using already-existing tracking numbers on the lottery tickets to select winners.This new raffle-lottery system would create a winner for every million dollars of lottery money. For example, a $ 25-million jackpot would create twenty-five millionaires. Let’s turn the “poor-man’s tax” into a system for creating more rich people. In other words, let’s spread the wealth.
Fully Online Public University Systems. This would create a system in which the best credentialed professors teach the students. The professors would be paid like movie actors or pro athletes. It would democratize education. For students, it would result in cheaper tuition and cheaper books; everything would be electronic. Each state would need to retain only a few brick-and-mortar colleges for the hard sciences with labs.
I want to create a win-win situation for everyone—not just the self-serving politicians like Hillary Clinton. Let's start by having the US government with all its departments to agencies show us how they spend our tax dollars - daily - on their respective websites.

In conclusion, vote for Donald Trump.


Steve Mozena, MBA
Husband, Dad and Business Owner

PS: For more background on my post the finances idea, see my archived homepage as well as read the rest of the website.


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